I couldn’t believe what was happening in Ukraine. People need to escape from a war they never started and never wanted.
Refugees start living in another country or wait until the end of the war and returning to Ukraine and then restarting life from scratch.
Finding a place to stay again, looking for a job or going back to school which destroyed by invader.

Here I created a donation page. Just small donation page.
I have 2 girls staying at my place at the moment. A room normally I rent out for Airbnb to extra income to pay my bills.
I just need 600/month minimum to keep hosting Ukrainian girls. I need to pay my bill and also I can offer food and buy some daily supplies.
If I get this monthly, I can host 20 years old Ukrainian girls in the safe apartment for longer period. I can’t go bankrupt myself.
I don’t know how long the war will go on. One of the girl lost contact to her family.
She might need to learn German and find a job in Germany or she go back any parts of Ukraine to start her life after the war, find new place to live… as long as she can stay until war is over, I really need a support for paying my bills.
If you have some extra money to help Ukrainian girls, please donate me.

Please help me supporting 2 young refugees from Ukraine

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