Is Organic search increased by SEO?

Organic search is increasing if I set up SEO? So I have English and Japanese articles on this blog. I want to talk about a life in Berlin, and at the same time I want to see how many people reading, arriving on my site. So I am very interested about this project.
I used to search how SEO works and set up manually, so many complications to make whole things. But nowadays, there is a plug-in!! My goal is to increase organic search.

I uploaded one new article each English and Japanese.
I followed yoast SEO’s suggestion.
Then I got more organic seach.

I wonder why Japanese search is not working…
but organic search is getting more than before.

I want to know how SEO impact my blog posts so I will continue updating my blog and watch Analytics.

Most of time I get these suggestion.

  • Outbound links

  • Internal links

  • Keyphrase density: The focus keyphrase was found 0 times. That’s less than the recommended minimum of 2 times for a text of this length.

  • Text length: The text contains 131 words. This is far below the recommended minimum of 300 words. 

  • Image Keyphrase: Images on this page do not have alt attributes that reflect the topic of your text. Add your keyphrase or synonyms to the alt tags of relevant images!

  • Keyphrase in introduction: Your keyphrase or its synonyms appear in the first paragraph of the copy, but not within one sentence.

  • Meta description length: The meta description is too short (under 120 characters). Up to 156 characters are available. 


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